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Airplane Vacuums and Cleaning Equipment

Helping You Maintain a Clean and Dirt-Free Airplane Cabin


Keep your aircraft clean and tidy with the portable airplane vacuums from Rivers Aircraft Vacuum Co. in Krebs, Oklahoma. We offer the best cabin cleaning products for airplanes of every size, from commercial airliners to private jets. No matter what type of aircraft your company operates, we have the right vacuum cleaner for every job. Contact us today to place an order.


Airplane Vacuum Cleaners

Rivers Aircraft Vacuum Co. is a vacuum manufacturing/distribution company that has been serving the airline industry nationally and internationally since 1946. We offer an all-metal canister rectified for aircraft cleaning to keep your airplanes clean, neat, and dirt-free at all times. No other distributor in the world can rival our airplane vacuums.

Experienced Distributors

At Rivers Aircraft Vacuum Co., we have been your #1 source for aircraft maintenance and cleaning products since 1946. Backed by more than 65 years of experience in the vacuum manufacturing/distribution field, we excel in finding the perfect vacuum cleaners for every application.

Airplane, Airplane Vacuums and Cabin Cleaning Products in Krebs, OK

An Extensive History of Vacuum Cleaner Development
While Howard Hughes was discovering an ingenious way to get his dreams (and planes) in the air, Rivers Aircraft Vacuum Co. was providing an efficient way to clean those same planes. Today, our company provides its customers with a quality product that is hard to come by in this grueling and competitive market.

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