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Airplane Cleanliness

Maintain clean and tidy aircraft cabins for a comfortable flight with the revolutionary airplane vacuum cleaner from Rivers Aircraft Vacuum Company.

Proper Maintenance

To operate your new cleaning machine at top speeds and make it last longer, read over our helpful vacuum care tips.

Fast Repairs

In addition, we offer aircraft vacuum repair at rates lower than other companies for a cost-effective and convenient service. 

Vacuum and Hose - Vacuum Manufacturer, Aircraft Cleaning Equipment
Vacuum - Vacuum Manufacturer, Aircraft Cleaning Equipment

Our Story

Rivers Aircraft Vacuum Company of Krebs, Oklahoma, is a vacuum manufacturer providing aircraft cleaning equipment no other distributor in the world can rival. We utilize an all-metal canister housed in cast aluminum and rectified specifically for use on the airplanes keeping the cabins dirt-free at all times. We believe in using quality materials that will last and pride ourselves with the durablity and longevity of this Rivers 60/400 hertz Aircraft Vacuum Upgrade.

While Howard Hughes was discovering an ingenious way to get his dreams (and planes) in the air, Rivers Aircraft Vacuum Company offered an efficient way to clean those very same planes. Today, our company sells a quality product hard to come by in this grueling and competitive market. Family owned and operated in the USA with more than 40 years of experience, we excel in providing the perfect vacuum cleaners for every application and pride ourselves on being the best airline vacuum cleaner distributor in the world.

We have been shipping domestically and internationally to our clients for 68 years. We have seen our share of mergers and bankruptcies in the airline industry in our almost 7 decades. We have seen other vacuums on the market as our competition. And yet we hold on to the old saying, "If it isn't broken, dont fix it!"


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